Our March – 6 Week Transformation Challenge Winner!

We're excited to present to you the winner of our March - 6 Week Transformation Challenge: Eleni Martin, from our Queen West location!     This mom of two boys, is one determined lady! She did what it took to reach some healthy goals: consistent food logging, healthy eating and perfect class attendance! Eleni, was able to [...]

February Six Week Challenge Winner!

And the winner of the last 6 week challenge is!: Rowen Brownlow from the beaches location! This is what daily logging and determination gets you! Way to go Rowen! We are really proud of you! Rowen lost 13 pounds, 9 inches and won $500! Which she has decided to use to continue on her fitness [...]

Why we need to squat

The Squat – one of the mightiest and most effective exercises there is. What makes it so effective is that even under light load, it incorporates many muscles in the body, and becoming strong in this pattern can have great benefits in our everyday lives. The functionality of the squat goes way beyond the gym [...]

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4 Great Ab Exercises that are Not Crunches!

Conventional crunches off the floor is far from functional. They will also do nothing for attaining flat abs if that’s what you’re after.   Crunches promote forward head posture and shortens your upper abdominals, which restricts the ribcage and prevents the diaphragm from expanding. This is bad!   In order to breathe effectively – meaning [...]

Release Tight Areas from Too Much Sitting!

Most of us sit for long periods throughout the day. This can take a huge toll on our bodies and lead to chronic low back pain, tight hips, and forward posture, among other issues. Of course these issues will then affect all other areas of our lives, from everyday activities to workouts at the gym. [...]

Breathing for Stability

If you’ve ever been to an exercise class or worked with trainer, you’ve likely been cued to "draw your belly button into your spine". Well hopefully you have, because this is a very important cue when performing many exercises, such as lunging, squatting, doing pushups, planking, especially of holding weight. This small but significant movement [...]

Take a Load off your Neck!

Our neck has the very important job of controlling the movement and weight of our head. (did you know that our head can weight as much as 10 pounds!?)  Imagine holding 10 pounds in different directions all day long! No wonder we feel pain and stiffness in our neck after a long day,  especially one [...]