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Time is a precious commodity, so when you make time to work out, make sure you make it count. Stop wasting your time with exercises that get you nowhere. Unless of course you actually enjoy running endlessly on the treadmill (this used to be me!).  My motto is – if you can stare at a tv screen while paying little attention to the exercise you’re doing, then you’re doing it wrong.


Worthwhile workouts require focus, and real participation, not only physically, but mentally – sound exhausting? It’s not! It’s exhilarating and rewarding, both physically and mentally. Get my drift?


As a side note, please don’t take any offence to any of these suggestions if any of these are your current workout regime. I was once all of these “people” so I know what it’s like! It just pains me to see other women making the same mistakes I did, and if I can help just one of you get out of your workout rut, it will put a great big smile on my face.


So, let’s do this!  Let’s fix the three following scenarios:


1) Cardio Junkie:

Your go-to workout: 40-60min cardio session every single time. It’s become so routine that you barely break a sweat anymore, and the whole time you’re just waiting for the timer to go off.


I hate to break it to you, but steady state cardio does not get you results, even if it did at first, it’s not sustainable. It also breaks down muscle and it gets pretty darn boring after a while.


Intervals increase stamina, build muscle mass, and boost metabolism without having to do long durations of it.


So it’s a no brainer, work harder for less time, get better results!


Fix: 20min interval session. Either hill sprints, or sprinting drills.


Easiest way to start: Alternate between 1 min of jogging and 30sec sprint, or walking and sprinting up hills.


2) Aerobics Queen:


Ok, so aerobics can be fun. You like the choreography and you do break a sweat. But if you want results you have to start challenging your body in new and exciting ways and incorporate some resistance.


Aerobic is like steady state cardio, you’ll get some results at first, but then you’ll start to plateau and soon you’ll be going to every aerobics class possible just to see some changes.


Fix: If you love the choreographed stuff then keep it in your life, but incorporate some body strength training, either with your body weight or weights. You can still achieve a heart pumping sweat session by doing intervals.


Easiest way to start:

Buy yourself a resistance band and get started this workout: Simple Body Weight and Band Workout


Alternate between 5 exercises. Perform each one for 45sec, with a 10-15sec rest in between: Deep Squats with Band / Rows /Pushups / Forward to Back Lunges / Reverse woodchops


3)    The Light Weight:


You’ve been lifting weights for quite some time, but you’re still using the same weight that you were using a year ago, because you’re too afraid to get bulky. Time to get rid of that fear! You will not get bulky – you’ll just get strong, build some lean muscle and rev up your metabolism big time!


Fix: To build some lean muscle mass you don’t want to be doing 30reps of an exercise. You need to go heavier and do less reps. This will challenge your body in a completely different way and you’ll start seeing definition.


Easiest way to start: Increase your weight to an amount that you cannot do more than 10 to 12 reps with. With good form, of course.


Hope this gives you a better plan for your gym routine!


Yours in health and fitness,


Daniela Nahas


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