She lost 19inches in 6 Weeks! Our May 6 Week Challenge Winner!

We are so proud of Joanne Brophy, our past 6 Week Challenge Winner!


Joanne’s hard work throughout the challenge definitely paid off. She lost 19 inches and 18 pounds in 6 weeks! Which is quite extraordinary, considering that 6 weeks is not that long!



For those that may be wondering, she did not do this by starving or excess deprivation. She committed, followed our nutrition protocol and ate enough calories to sustain her metabolism and get results. Eating enough of the right foods is something that we push our clients to follow; otherwise they may see results short term, but mess up their metabolism long term.


We want our members to learn how to eat to get healthy for life, not just for a few months!


Here’s a little bit on what she had to say about her experience with us so far:


1) What made you join Best Body Bootcamp?


I needed to jump start myself back into the healthy me. I have gained some weight over the past couple years, and I was out of shape.  I missed being healthy and in shape, but was having trouble sticking to a routine.  I’m getting married in December, and I want to be the best version of myself which is the leaner, healthier, lighter me.


2) What do you love most about working with Best Body Bootcamp?


Early morning means no excuses, and great way to start the day.  I’m not a morning person, but love the feeling after I’m done.  Reminding myself of that feeling gets me out of bed.   And the beaches location is a beautiful way to start the day.   David’s (Beaches instructor) great and really motivating.  Plus each exercise you only have to do for less than a minute. I find it really motivating and the 45mins goes by quickly so you’re pushing yourself for the entire time.


3) What would you say was the biggest change you had to make to reach your goals and was it worth it?


Macros!  Hitting 40% protein changed how I approached my meals. It’s no longer about restricting calories for me, but eating the right mix of nutrients.


4) What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining our program?

Do it! even if you just commit for 6 weeks, you’ll see a difference and feel good.


…..But with results like these wouldn’t you continue on?? 🙂


For her awesome accomplishment Joanne has received $500 worth of free training to continue on her journey!

Congrats Joanne! You should be really proud of your accomplishment!


Daniela Nahas


Best Body Bootcamp

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