Another success Story – our July – 6 Week Challenge Winner!

We love success stories!


Elena Scourtoudis is this month’s winner!

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I remember when Elena came in for her orientation, she was fed up and ready for change! But what sets her apart from the rest is that she didn’t just say that she wanted a change, she committed fully and put a plan into action! You don’t get abs like that without some determination.


For the first time ever Elena focused on her diet, which has had a huge impact in her life.


Here’s a bit more about what she has to say about the program:


1) What made you join Best Body Bootcamp?

I wasn’t happy with my fitness level because I knew I was capable of more. I joined Best

Body Bootcamp because it provided me with the structure and support to commit to my physical health and I was excited to see how far I could go!


2) What do you love most about working with Best Body Bootcamp?

I loved the pain after bookcamp class, not:)! Seriously, I love the balanced approach to

the program which includes keeping track of macros, nutrition, positive atmosphere and amazing people (fellow-bootcampers and David our fearless leader). The program also encourages overall well-being not just limited to physical health.


3) What would you say was the biggest change you had to make to reach your goals

and was it worth it?

My eating habits and keeping track of macros. I had to part ways with  my chips and be

consoled with kale chips which was surprisingly fantastic. It was totally worth it because it allowed me to understand how important nutrition is. Keeping track of macros and proper nutrition have become part of my lifestyle now.


4) What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining our program?

Go for it, it is an amazing experience!  You will learn a lot about yourself and your limits. You will be able to take what you learned in the six or twelve weeks and make it a lifestyle.


For her great accomplishment Elena won $500 towards continuing on her fitness journey with us. Not too shabby!


Congrats Elena!


Yours in health and fitness,


Daniela Nahas


Best Body Bootcamp

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