Abi’s Story! Our September 6 Week Challenge Winner!

I love sharing success stories, especially on Thanksgiving Monday!

Abi Duff is the winner of our September 6 Week Challenge!

The numbers are quite secondary to the fact that Abi is stronger, healthier and happier after 6 Weeks of our program, which involved revamping her diet and staying accountable.

In six weeks she lost 8.5pounds, 13 inches, and definitely gained some muscle. Nice work! 

To congratulate Abi for making her health a priority we have awarded her with $500 worth of training to help her continue on her journey!


Our Queen West instructor, Nassim Ettaki definitely deserves a shout out! This is the second member in a row that he has coached to success! Keep on motivating Nassim!


This is what Abi had to say about her experience:


1) What made you join Best Body Bootcamp?


Postpartum I needed something to do a couple of days a week to focus on myself and to build back the strength I lost during pregnancy. I also want to get back into good eating habits before my son began solids so the whole family would be eating healthy!


2) What do you love most about working with Best Body Bootcamp?


The online community and the encouragement from trainers to eat better and to motivate you to finish on a high at every class.


3) What was the biggest challenge you had to reach your goals and was it worth it?


My biggest challenge was learning to eat enough calories throughout the day. Following a  healthy eating plan and finding the time to eat it all. I am extremely happy now as i eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks which for me is ideal as I am now never hungry and don’t crave junk like I used to.


4) What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining our program?


Go for it! It is a complete overhaul on your diet and makes you really think about what you are putting into your body, with that and easy to follow recipes and high-intensity workouts the results are amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing where I’ll be at in another 6 weeks!


Way to go Abi! We’re excited to see where you’ll be in another 6 weeks too!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I hope that you are on the list of things that you are grateful for today! Treat yourself and body well!


Daniela Nahas


For those that may be intrigued about our 6 Week Challenge Program, reach out to find out more! We have a new session starting next week! If you are interested in getting healthier and stronger through better nutrition and exercise reach out! [email protected]

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