She did it! Our December 6 Week Challenge Winner!

Our December 6 Week Challenge winner is Nicole Oster from our beaches location!

This woman is the perfect example not only of what happens when you take action and make your health a priority but also of what happens when you don’t let fear paralyze you from making decisions and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Nicole stepped out of her comfort zone and lost 17 pounds, 13 inches, and most importantly is healthier and happier! To congratulate her, Nicole has been awarded $500 to continue on her journey with us!

This is what she had to say about her experience with us so far:


What made you join Best Body Bootcamp?

I had hit a very unhealthy point in my life.  I had a gym membership but I never went. I was very defiant when it came to fitness. Instead of listening and trying to get healthy, I stubbornly did the opposite.

I hadn’t gone grocery shopping in almost 2 months and I drank all the time (not to excess, but still).  I never cooked, like ever!  

Since nothing else was working, I thought that maybe joining something consistent (I liked the idea of committing 3 times a week)  and that I had to pay for  (this made me accountable),  could potentially work. I also really liked the idea of the nutrition side of things; that BBBC would help me change my eating habits and offer suggestions. 

I was really sold and excited once I spoke with Roger and he explained I didn’t have to be totally healthy to do this, and that I could work at my own pace. The cherry on top came with the orientation package, which really helped me set correct and appropriate goals.

What do you love most about working with Best Body Bootcamp?

I like my trainer David. He seems to know the perfect balance between pushing you and knowing your limits.  He also showed me that it was ok to be a little competitive.

I also love using the food tracking app that is recommended.  This has really helped me view food in a much less intimidating way. I never understood the concept of what carbs, proteins or fats were, but it’s all so simple now.

But what I love THE MOST about bootcamp is the people. I have met some phenomenal women going through the same journey as me.  They have been soooo supportive and helpful. This sense of community I have never found before (not even with a group training at the gym) and I am so happy for it!

This community is the main reason I stayed so committed :). I even have someone I walk to and from home with, which is so nice.

What would you say was the biggest change you had to make to reach your goals and was it worth it?

I never cooked. Like ever. It was really hard to force myself to cook every single day and actually prepare meals ahead of time. This has been 10000% worth it! It’s not just the exercise, diet plays a huge part in getting healthy!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining our program?

I would say try it! Challenge yourself! In years of searching, this is the only program I found that I feel truly caters to any age group and any ability. I went from being obese and doing zero exercise to 3 times a week of workouts and I was always able to keep up, even if it meant I had to do some modifications.

We’re so proud of you Nicole!

Still skeptical that you can reach your new year’s goals? Well, I hope that Nicole’s story motivated you to take action! Not sure what steps to take to achieve it? Well, we can help you!


Have a fabulous day!

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