Balancing Masculine & Feminine Movement

I’m so excited to share this guest blog post by my friend Sophie Luxton.

Sophie is the creator of Juicy Woman Revolution (read more on her below). I recently had the pleasure of attending one of her classes, and it was fabulous! It felt amazing to move my body in such a fluid, feminine and natural way that I felt compelled to spread the word on what she does.

An amazing thing happens when you push yourself physically during a heart pumping, push your body to the max, lift heavy workout. …. but if that’s the only movement we do, you are missing out on a movement that is deeply ingrained in us as a woman. We can become stiff, restricted, inhibited….

If you’re a woman; single, married, a mom, this post is for you!

Enjoy the read.


Hi, my name is Sophie Luxton. I am the creator of Juicy Woman Revolution and I live in Toronto with my husband and two kids.

I created JWR after the birth of my first child because I was desperate to feel alive again. To feel like a woman again. I wanted to figure out how to live my own adventure while being a mother and a wife. In other words, being married and having children didn’t give me the fullness of everything I wanted to feel and experience. And I knew that other women felt the same way. Now, I work with women to reclaim their bodies through feminine soulful movement, live in their feminine and take on extreme responsibility for their own nourishment and pleasure.

In this post, I will talk about feminine vs masculine movement, why it’s important to have both and how to add more feminine movement in your daily life.

Masculine vs feminine movement

I have a lot of masculine movement in my life. I work with a trainer so I get put through workouts that exemplify masculine qualities – power through action, striving, pushing and goal setting. I love it. It feeds a yearning in me to feel powerful and strong. I feel like Wonder Woman, who came from a tribe of Amazons. (Please don’t tell me it’s just a story…). I get to the point where I don’t think I have anything left in me and then I do one more rep. I am pushed physically to the wall and I respond. I give all.

But I also hunger to surrender. To receive all. To be soft. To give up my burdens – to not have to be strong all the time. I don’t want to push all of the time. I don’t want to constantly strive, to always be chasing a goal and to measure myself against results. I want to feel deliciously and wantonly….brazenly…..woman. Emotional, expressive, sensual, sexual, free. And that is what feminine movement does for me.

Why it’s important to balance out masculine and feminine movement

Feminine movement allows for the expression of sensuality and sexuality

Women are designed to be sensual and sexual creatures. But we need time and space to allow that expression to show itself. Racing around, working quickly and pushing towards a goal isn’t the right kind of environment for us to awaken that side of us. Feminine movement works with our curves and the natural movement of our gorgeous feminine bodies. It is a practice that reawakens and feeds our sensual and sexual sides.

Feminine movement gets us out of our heads and into our bodies

Most of us spend a lot of time in our heads. Thinking, planning, judging, anticipating, rehearsing, narrating, problem-solving, questioning, analyzing and critiquing. I believe that women are designed to be guided more by their intuition, body voice and own wisdom than being guided by their thoughts, which are not always helpful, hopeful or self-loving. Feminine movement allows us to surrender to how our bodies want to move. We are not moving to counts, reps, sets or being told what to do. We have the freedom to move as we wish – being guided by our own innate movement impetus. We learn to trust our bodies and our own selves.

Feminine movement is the opposite of feeling overwhelmed, overworked and constantly on the go

We live in a very masculine world where it is a sign of laziness to not be always busy, always overwhelmed, always scheduled and always on the go. The feminine spirit suffers with this. We can tell as we look around and see how many of us are struggling to keep up the pace and expectations. We are coping but not thriving. Feminine movement is the antithesis of everything our usual life is – it is slow. Sensual. Intentional. Not goal-orientated. Uniquely personal to each woman. Spacious. Expansive. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Nourishing.

3 ways to integrate feminine movement into your daily life

Focus on that which is uber-feminine about you

You got it – butts, hips, and breasts. It doesn’t matter if they are big, small, flat, rounded, saggy or perky. Shake them. Love them. Move them. Circle them. Bounce them. Express them.

Dance, dance, dance

Dancing in whatever style you like is such a nourishing movement for the feminine. Remember those nights of sweaty dancing with your girlfriends? At the club, at the wedding, around the campfire, at house parties? This brings all of the feminine together – emotion, sexuality, body love, freedom of expression and pure joy and fun.

Slow down and add music

If you are stretching or doing yoga moves at home, slow down and add music. Instead of rushing through it, enjoy yourself inside the movement. Put on music that allows you to be transcended. The feminine is in the slowness. With slowness, you feel your body moving. You can feel what you are feeling. You can tap into your sensuality. When your hands come into contact with your body, allow it to be a healing, nourishing or sensual touch instead of a cold and clinical touch.

And finally, join me for one of my feminine soulful movement classes. My next one is on Thursday, March 9th at The Healthy Joint near Davisville and Mt Pleasant Road. It runs from 7:00 – 9:00pm and costs $25. Email me at [email protected] for more information.

You can check out Sophie’s website here:



Have a great day!

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