5 Ways to Exercise & Feel Like a Kid Again

Life is like a bicycle, to keep balance, you must keep moving.” (author of quote unknown)

Daily movement is one of the key principles to staying healthy, but should movement always be going to the gym? While structured movement several times a week is ideal, it can also get boring and become hard on the body and can lead to a restricted spine and stiff body.

As kids, we never thought about fitting in fitness, it was just part of our life. Movement just felt good, so we did it.

Going back to our childhood years, or simply looking at how our children move, can help us add some more fluid and free movement into our routine, and smile more while we exercise.

1) Ride a bike. Bikes are not just for kids! They are a great way to get some sunshine and movement daily. Ride to work if that’s an option, or just grab it after work and bike around for 20 min before making dinner.  

2) Dance. By dancing, I don’t necessarily mean go out dancing, which is obviously great, if you can get out to do it. You can also just put on some great music and dance, even if you think you’re no good. It’s all about moving your body to the music! And no one will be watching so you can get as silly as you want.

I started joining my son in his mini dance parties, and it’s amazing how good it feels to move your body to the rhythm of the music.

3) Monkey Around. Playgrounds are an amazing place to test your strength in a totally different way. When was the last time you attempted the monkey bars, did hopscotch or jump rope? Try it again and you’ll be surprised at how challenging these activities are.

4) Hit a Trampoline Park or Buy a Rebounder. Jumping on a trampoline is a great fun way to break a sweat and pump the lymphatic system. Seriously impossible not to smile from ear to ear while you’re jumping!

5) Tag. Playing tag with your kids especially the older ones that can really sprint fast, is an amazing interval cardio session, without even thinking of it that way.

If you don’t have kids, grab a friend and just chase each other in the park. Guaranteed to break a great sweat, smile and break into laughter!

Switch things up, keep things fun and exercise won’t feel like so much work!


Have an amazing day!


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