How to Lose 20 Pounds for your Wedding Day

Ah, the big day! If you’re like most women, you want to look and feel amazing walking down the aisle with your love.

Feel like getting there is an uphill battle?

It doesn’t have to be.

But don’t take my word for it.

Joanne Fahy from our studio location recently lost  20lbs and a total of 16.5 inches during our 6 Week Challenge! She also gained a better relationship with food and her body …oh and a not too shabby $500 towards her ongoing journey.

Here’s a little more on her journey so far:

What made you join Best Body Bootcamp?

I’m getting married this year so I wanted to join a bootcamp where I knew I would be held accountable for my workouts and my eating.

What do you love most about working with Best Body Bootcamp?

I love BBBC for the excellent workout sessions. Every session is tough but I always feel so amazing afterward. I love that the instructors are always so encouraging and supportive, pushing you when they know you can do better.

I also love that keeping track of your meals, and ratios are so easy. There is ALWAYS support and advice available from the experts if I have questions or I need help getting the balance right.  

For me, this has made BBBC the best bootcamp I have ever been a part of.

What would you say was the biggest change you had to make to reach your goals and was it worth it?

The biggest change was changing my eating habits. Before BBBC I THOUGHT the food I was eating was healthy but I wasn’t losing weight. Once I hit my stride at BBBC, I learned so much more about food, how to track my food, which foods were more beneficial for my body and which ones I could only take in moderation.

I could see that my taste buds had changed and I didn’t need so much sugar in my diet, in fact, I cut out adding table sugar to my food and coffee and I think this helped me tremendously.

My healthy snacks are what I love now and these are real treats for me when I need something yummy.

At BBBC, I learned that it’s really all about balance. It took some time to adjust to the new lifestyle in the beginning, but when I really put my mind to it, BBBC encouraged me to do even better…to not settle for OK, to strive for an excellent workout…to strive for perfect macros at the end of each day.

I feel that this is a huge part of how I won the challenge.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about joining our program?

I would say DO IT!! I would tell them that the first two weeks are the hardest but stick with it….you’ll soon see the results if you track everything you eat and do an honest hard workout.

I would also tell them that the tracking isn’t bad at all and you start to just do it automatically. You can track your day as your watching TV at the end of the day. Eventually, I started tracking my next day the evening before.

The best advice I can give to a BBBC beginner is PLAN AHEAD!!! I learned the hard way…if you’re not prepared ahead of time, you fall into the trap of getting hungry and eating whatever you can get your hands on.

Prep meals ahead of time, try things you’ve never tried before, attend your gym sessions and



Are you ready for the right support and system to get you the results you want? Join our next 6 Week Challenge!


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