Meal Prep Made Easy – Follow These 5 Tips!

Are you falling behind on your nutrition or find it difficult to keep up with making your own, healthy meals at home? This tends to be one of the hardest things for people to keep up throughout their programs — fear no more, we’re here to help!

Here are some tips on how you can keep up with your meal prep even when you’re short on time (hot tip: a lot of them involve the freezer!):


Keep bags of frozen fruits and veggies in your freezer at all times

Make sure you keep frozen veggies like peas, edamame, cauliflower, carrots, greens, the list goes on! It’s also great to keep frozen berries for smoothies, or to add to yogurt, oatmeal, etc.


Buy proteins in bulk & freeze!

When you’re going to get your groceries, try and buy your proteins in bulk. I like to stock up on chicken breasts, salmon, or other lean meats and toss them in the freezer. That way, I know I won’t be running out of protein anytime soon and I can take them out as I need them.

It’s also great to buy cans of tuna, canned legumes (like chickpeas), nuts and seeds, and other smaller sources of protein in bulk when you can.


Simplify your recipes

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the meals you’re making have a lot of ingredients. Try and keep it at 5 to 8 ingredients. That way, you’re more inclined to get everything together.

Try to make 1 pan meals (ie – protein & roasted veggies), that way it’s easy and can be thrown together in no time!


Make more than you think you need

You’ll thank yourself for having leftovers! I always like to make more roasted veggies to add to my eggs in the morning, or add to lunch or dinner the next day. Left overs are your friend! There is always a way to add what’s left into something new.


Find what you like to eat and stick to it!

It’s a lot easier to stick to your meal plan if you actually LIKE the foods you’re preparing! Find what you love to eat and make it work for you.


By following these 5 easy tips for meal prep, you’re sure to keep on track and have fun while you do it!


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