This One Thing Could Be Life Changing

As crazy as it is, most of us spend a lot of time telling ourselves that we can’t do certain things. Often, we play it in our heads like an incessant  recording:

I can’t land that job…

I can’t find any good men/women…

I can’t make money…

I can’t lose weight…

I can’t be one of those healthy people…

I can’t be successful…

I can’t find friends… the stories we tell ourselves are endless!


What would happen if we constantly treated a friend in this way, and told them they couldn’t do something over and over again? You simply wouldn’t, and if you did, you would likely lose that friend. It’s cruel, demeaning and just not the way that a loving person would treat anyone. So why do we do it to ourselves?


We don’t realize just how harmful our constant can’ts are to our lives and how much it holds us back from doing what we truly want, and stops us from making positive changes in our lives.


The first step in making change is to identify your can’ts, what is it that you constantly tell yourself that you can’t do all the time? If you don’t take the time to identify these factors, you can’t begin to change them and alter what you tell yourself.


You may be shocked to find out just how many negative things you tell yourself!


Watch the video below and on some tips to begin rewiring what you say to yourself on a daily basis:



Much love,


Daniela Nahas

Certified Health Coach

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach


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