You have to stop doing this!

Ever find yourself stuck in a place where you know you want to make change …desperately want to make change, but you also can’t seem to find the will to follow through in a way that will get you to where you want to be?

So you put yourself down and you compare yourself to others. Others who you see are presumably doing much better than you. Others who make it look easy to eat healthy and push themselves continuously at the gym.

Well, you have to stop doing this! Comparing yourself to others just sucks the motivation right out of you, makes you feel less when you’re not and doesn’t help you in any way.

The truth is that it can so incredibly overwhelming to think about getting to your goal sometimes. A goal of weight loss or better health requires that you take many steps that may be completely foreign to you.

Sometimes we’re simply not ready to take giant steps and this has nothing to do with laziness, and everything to do with where we are in our life at any given moment. We have so much going on personally, or in our work life that is sucking all of our energy and leaving little for change.

When you see someone that is willing to dive in and take a full plunge towards change, it’s because that person is ready. Ready emotionally to take that leap. Perhaps they were where you are now hundreds of times – only ready to make little changes because their life and their current mindset did not allow for more, but now they are ready to dive right in. As an outsider  what you didn’t see was all the stuff in between.

So does this mean that they are better than you? Nope, it just means that they were ready to make a bigger leap. YOU can only give what you have, and if right now you can only give a little, then give a little, because a little is better than nothing at all, and a little adds up in a big way, and will eventually lead you to a place where you are ready to take a big leap.

Just don’t give up. Don’t let your willingness for only small changes make you want to give up…instead use it as kindling for that huge fire that awaits you!

Much love



Disclaimer: In my blog posts I share my own experiences, passions, and what works for me and has worked for my clients. I am not a doctor or certified health practitioner. My blog posts are not meant to treat or diagnose. Please consult your medical practitioner before beginning a new protocol of supplements or new exercise program.


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