This Workout Style will get you Results! And we’ve got it!

You’ve probably wondered what the best kind of workouts are to maximize your time and get the best results.

MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) workouts are probably one of the most effective styles of workouts, and that’s why they’re part of our weekly rotation.

If you’ve never tried MetCon before, let me tell you why we love them and why you should include them in your workout routine.

MetCon trains your body for power, endurance, strength, agility and will improve your VO2 max, while burning fat and building lean muscle.

This style of workout is generally done for a relatively short time, between 20-40 min, as it is quite taxing on your body and you really don’t need to do it for any longer to get results.

So, if you’re hating your one hour workouts and want to just find the most efficient way to get a great workout in, MetCon is one of the most effective ways to do that.

If you’re a runner, but you know you could use some more training to improve your time and endurance, this style of workout could take your running to a new level.

If you’re a cardio junkie, but you hate cardio, and you only do it because you feel need to, this style of strength/cardio workout will mean you can stop doing endless cardio with no results.

Or, if you the idea of pushing your body in a new way to get some results, this style of workout is also for you.

>Here’s a mini MetCon workout you can begin with:

Warm up for 4-5 min with arm circles, ankle rolls, hip rotations, forward lunges, jumping jacks, deep breathing squats.

Perform each exercise for 30 sec with a 15 sec rest before you move to next exercise – repeat x 4 rounds.

  1. Travelling Plank Through Ladder (no mat? Just travel along the length of a yoga mat and then back)
  2. Forward Lunge with outside chop
  3. Banded in and out squats
  4. Hang Clean and Press
  5. Slalom Burpees
  6. DB Squat to Curl

For a video demo of the exercises, click on this link:


Happy Sweating:)

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