Tabata: Why this short workout will get you results!

Often when we think of working out, we think that it needs to be long to make it count, but that is far from the truth.  I want to explain to you why shorter workouts are better and why you should try Tabata style training. 3 Reasons why shorter, more intense workouts are better: 1) [...]

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5 Great Exercises for Shoulder Mobility

Tight shoulders can make it really hard for a person to do many exercises effectively, such as raising their arms overhead.  Because a lack of shoulder flexibility goes hand in hand with tightness in the thoracic spine, as well as pec and lat tightness, the following stretches will address several of those areas. Making shoulder [...]

Defy Gravity with this Booty Workout Series – Part 2

In the last post, we went over some glute anatomy. So, today we’ll cover two essential basic exercises  you need to improve on before you can begin a more intense glute workout program with weights and loads of variations. I’ll also give you some great stretches and myofascial release techniques you can implement to loosen [...]

Want Results? Take Control of Your Workouts!

Time is a precious commodity, so when you make time to work out, make sure you make it count. Stop wasting your time with exercises that get you nowhere. Unless of course you actually enjoy running endlessly on the treadmill (this used to be me!).  My motto is – if you can stare at a [...]

4 Great Ab Exercises that are Not Crunches!

Conventional crunches off the floor is far from functional. They will also do nothing for attaining flat abs if that’s what you’re after.   Crunches promote forward head posture and shortens your upper abdominals, which restricts the ribcage and prevents the diaphragm from expanding. This is bad!   In order to breathe effectively – meaning [...]

Breathing for Stability

If you’ve ever been to an exercise class or worked with trainer, you’ve likely been cued to "draw your belly button into your spine". Well hopefully you have, because this is a very important cue when performing many exercises, such as lunging, squatting, doing pushups, planking, especially of holding weight. This small but significant movement [...]