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Head Office: 68 Bathurst Street,Toronto, ON M5V 2P5
tel: 416.519.2643
fax: 416.519.2604

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Morning sessions run either on Monday, Wednesday & Friday or Tuesday & Thursday unless otherwise noted. Our Evening sessions run Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. (the schedule is location specific, so please check your location for exact schedule.)

Outdoor Bootcamp sessions run 6AM.

Bootcamp sessions run at 6AM / 7AM / 7.50AM / 5PM / 6.40PM / 7.30PM

Times will vary depending on locations so make sure to check the location closest to you for the timeslots that are running.

Each class runs 45 mins and includes a warm up and cool down stretch. 

Prices vary based on the package and the type of training you decide on.

Outdoor Bootcamp packages start at $50/week for 3x a week.

Bootcamp packages start at $65/week for 3x a week

No. We encourage Men & Women of all fitness levels to join Best Body Bootcamp. We have beginners working out alongside more experienced members and we customize your exercise program to ensure each and every workout is challenging and safe. The instructors are trained to show variations of the exercises to make sure that you are always pushing yourself, but within your own level of fitness.

We are a co-ed Bootcamp and welcome men and women equally!  While the majority of our members are women, we also have a lot of male members who have had and continue to have amazing results!

* * Reduction in body fat * * Weight loss * * Improved energy levels and stamina * * Increase in strength * * Better physical appearance * * Improved cardiovascular strength and endurance * * Increase in your metabolic rate so you burn calories faster * * Lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol * * Improved confidence and well-being * * Reduced stress levels * * Increased stability and mobility *