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A Passion for Health and Fitness

Best Body Bootcamp is all about transforming your body and enhancing your life. Founders Roger and Daniela Nahas designed this program to get you out of the boring traditional gym and into a fun and supportive environment.

Results for your Life

Best Body Bootcamp is fitness for everyone and every body. We don’t believe in fads, we believe in making you stronger and fitter for life, so you can live longer and healthier.

Affordable and Effective

We combine elements of personal training in a group training environment, so that you can get the most our of your workouts and challenge yourself at your own fitness level without getting injured. 

Fast, Exciting Results

Have more energy, confidence, and be happier in your body. 

By building strength in the gym, you’ll also build loads of strength and confidence in every single aspect of your life. 

Fast, Exciting Results

We take a holistic approach to fitness, by also incorporating nutrition, since 80% of your results come from what you eat. As well as accountability and support, because you may know what to do, you may just have a hard time taking action on your own.

Ongoing Support to Reach Your Goals

When you join, you become part of our family, you are not just a number but a valued member. Whether you’re  on an Introductory Challenge or as full fledged Member we will support you with continued support in reaching your fitness goals!

A Program that Suits Your Body Lifestyle

Morning, midday and evening classes are available 6 days a week, as well as weekend classes and workshops.

Ready to reach your goals? Contact us to get started today!